About GMM.

Climate change is foreseen as an inevitable matter. Droughts, typhoons, floods and diseases threaten the survival of individuals in many vulnerable areas throughout the world, inducing the loss of homes, belongings and relationships. Victims of this are faced with limited acceptance for visa availabilities to enter safer foreign countries due to high desirabilities.

Global Migration Market is a conceptual site allowing for migrants to buy packages for entering refuge locations with better living conditions. Through a quick profiling of the individual matched with their desired migration location, GMM can determine their acceptance level and migration methods available to them.

Design Statement

Environmental migration is no longer seen as a crisis; it is the new form of adaptation that those faced upon climate change must resort to. Every year, billions of dollars are spent in the black market enabling desperate individuals to escape to foreign countries for a better life. We see a future where the government turns a blind eye to this market, where as a registered corporation, it contributes huge sums to taxes.

GMM emphasizes the reality of racial profiling and discrimination faced by migrants and refugees currently. The need to expose one’s personal attributes and labelled with a value explicitly illustrates the privilege constructed through race, religion or gender. Even in critical times of humanity, money and social ideologies still remain a priority.

Global Migration Market is a design fiction project created as part of a speculation on the future of climate change and migration.